Dirty Quartzite Tiled floor in a Leeds Kitchen

This Quartzite tiled kitchen floor from a house in Leeds was in need of some attention and as well as a build-up of general dirt it was also affected by cooking oil and Grease. Any sealer that may have been in place had long since worn off and it was time for a good clean and re-seal.

Cleaning Quartzite Tile

I followed the usual process for cleaning floors of this type by applying a dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean, allow it to dwell for a while and then give the floor a good scrub using a rotary machine fitted with a black scrubbing pad. The soiled solution was then removed using a wet vacuum and floor washed down with clean water; sometimes this process needs to be repeated a number of times and often you will need to get into the grout lines by hand with a hard scrubbing brush as a scrubbing pad can float over the surface of the grout.

Quartzite Tiled Floor in leeds during cleaning

Sealing Quartzite Tile

Once the floor was dry it was sealed using two coats of Tile Doctor High Shine Sealer which gives leaves a durable high sheen finish together with stain resistance. There are a number of sealers available in the Tile Doctor range including Seal and Go which has a Low Sheen finish and Colour Grow which helps to bring out the colour in the tile; the final selection is a combination of the customer’s requirements and my guidance.

Quartzite Tiled Floor in leeds after cleaning

Quartzite tiled kitchen floor in Leeds cleaned and sealed

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